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nugoo若宮大路店のご案内 Guide of store. Wakamiya-oji flagshipstore



concept of “nugoo”.

  Hoping that the Japan-originated beautiful dye culture would be sublimed into a much freer style, we opened our shop “nugoo”. Through this store, we aim at making our products to go with the atmosphere of New York and Hawaii, adding “white wood” and “pure cotton”
  feature to the “Japanese” taste. “nuguu”, our brick-and-mortar shop of our consumer business division, is a small shop dealing cloth and apparel associated with nuguu, which literally means wipe in English. Making use of long years of experience in our main business of design work,
  we hope “nugoo” will provide you with warm-hearted space and hospitality through cloth and apparel coloring livelihood.


nugoo鎌倉 若宮大路店


Kamakura Wakamiya Oji Shop

  Kamakura Wakamiya Oji Shop was newly opened as a pilot shop on June 20th, 2006
It is a first-story shop facing “Dankazura” located in the middle of Wakamiya Oji in Kamakura. Although its size is only 10 tsubo (1 tsubo=3.3 ㎡), it has usually more than 300 patterns of selected washcloths from all dye factories and washcloth brands in Japan. As these washcloths have various seasonable Japanese-style patterns, you can enjoy all four seasons in Japan with them.
  In spite of its size, approximately 700 items totaling more than 1,000 products are available at the Wakamiya Oji shop. We are confident that you will find one fit for you and for your loved one among those with various year-around event “patterns”.
  Furthermore, we are developing community-based products: some bags and small products made by the designer living in Kamakura as well as many plant dyeing washcloths. In addition, we are offering sundry goods including our original T-shirts only available at nugoo.